How to Fix a Hole in Your Pants Without Sewing

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Here’s how to fix a hole in your pants without sewing. Use this easy tutorial to repair a tear in your jeans or to fix distressed jeans that are ripped too much.

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I bought a brand new pair of distressed capris from an online store a couple of months ago. The holes were supposed to be reinforced, which means they don’t actually show any skin. But when the capris arrived and I tried them on, I realized that all the holes were reinforced except for the holes situated on my upper thighs.

I honestly thought it may have been a manufacturing mistake, so I returned the capris and ordered another pair of the exact same style. But lo and behold, when the new pair arrived they had the same gaping holes. How did someone think that was a good idea?

I loved these capris, minus the holes, and didn’t want to have to return them. So I decided to invest a little bit of time to fix the problem myself.

Watch: How to Fix Distressed Jeans

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Items Needed

  • Iron-on patch
  • Iron
  • Ironing board or thick towel
  • Sewing Scissors

How to Fix a Hole in Your Pants Without Sewing

  1. Turn the pants inside out
  2. Cut the patch so that it overlaps the hole by approximately 1/2″ around
  3. Using the scissors, round the edges of the patch. This makes it less likely that a corner will come loose and that the patch will then fall off.
  4. Place the adhesive side (slippery/shiny) of the patch centered face down on the hole.
  5. Using a dry iron (not steam setting) on the highest heat, firmly press down on each side of the patch for 40 seconds. Avoid pressing in the center of the patch so that any strings from the distressed jeans will not become stuck to the adhesive on the patch.
  6. If any part of the patch does not adhere to the fabric, repeat step five again.
hole in pants distressed jeans patch no sew iron on patch

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