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The Turkish peshtemal is a beautiful, highly absorbent and eco friendly towel. Here’s all you need to know to introduce this natural product into your home.

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What is Turkish Peshtemal?

A peshtemal is a large, flat, tightly woven bath towel that is inspired by the towels used in legendary Turkish spas. It is imported from Turkey and made with 100% pure cotton. It is also know by the name fouta or hamman.

What Makes This Eco Friendly Towel Unique?

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These tightly woven towels are extremely durable and feature a stylish fringe on the bottom that makes them a focal point. They are supposed to get softer the more you wash and use them.

Peshtemal towels can be used for more than just bathing and swimming. You can use them as a cover-up over a swimsuit, a shawl, table runner, or a throw on your sofa. I’m sure you can come up with more ideas too!

There are a couple of reasons we invested in these eco friendly 100% cotton Turkish peshtemal bath and hand towels.

Eco Friendly Towel

Turkish peshtemal towels are thinner, lighter and highly absorbent compared to the typical terry cloth towel. Because they are lightweight, they dry very quickly. This means less time in the dryer, which saves energy. Better yet, they are light enough to hang on your clothesline to dry.

Excellent for Small Spaces

turkish peshtemal shower hang towel hook faucet white subway tile

The two bathrooms in our farmhouse don’t have a lot of space for hefty towel bars. Instead, we installed towel hooks which take up less room. If you hang a damp terry cloth towel from a towel hook, it will take hours to dry. This can leave your towel with a musty odor, which is the number one reason I searched for a lightweight towel for our home. Turkish peshtemal towels never smell musty because they dry in record time.

Turkish peshtemal towels are lightweight and take up very little space. Many people like to roll them up and pack them in their suitcase when going on vacation for this reason. We roll them up and store them in a basket in the corner of our bathroom because we don’t have a linen closet in our master bath. I think they add to the decor!

turkish peshtemal eco friendly basket rolled towels tile floors

How to Care for Turkish peshtemal

Turkish peshtemal towels should be washed in cold water with like colors. Do not use fabric softener with your peshtemal because it can reduce the towel’s absorbency and durability. Tumble dry low heat or line dry to reduce energy consumption. It’s as simple as that! These towels are truly no-fuss!

For more detailed instructions, visit this article by Fair Seas Supply Company.

Where to Find This Eco Friendly Towel

I bought our Turkish peshtemal towels 14 months ago on Amazon:

Cacala 100% Cotton Peshtemal Turkish Towel

Set of 4 Turkish Cotton Hand Towels

What I Like About Our Cacala Peshtemal Towels

  • Durability: They don’t show any signs of wear after over a year of use
  • Beautiful: These are a lovely shade of blue that goes perfectly in our home
  • Size: They are really big! I don’t like skimpy towels!
  • Price: These are less expensive than other Turkish peshtemals I’ve found

More Places to Find Turkish Peshtemal

The Turkish Towel Company

Sand Cloud

Fair Seas Supply Company

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