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Our family of five moved into our farmhouse four years ago. Before that, we spent two years in an apartment as we sold our previous home, bought land, and owner-built the little house of our dreams on 1.25 acres.

I have been married to my incredibly kind, hardworking and handsome husband, Mike, for 24 years! We were married young (I was 20, he was 21) and we had our first child two years later.

We have a daughter and son in college, and our youngest son is still living at home. I’m cherishing this last year we have with him before he leaves the nest. I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to homeschool our children so we have had more time together.


 I grew up right here in Eastern Washington, surrounded by orchards, vineyards, and sagebrush. My parents bought a home with 2 1/2 acres when I was six years old. We had lots of dogs, cats, horses, and a huge garden. Later, my dad added chickens to the mix as well. I learned to work hard, especially in the garden. There were endless rows that needed weeding on hot summer mornings. We ate a ton of fresh produce from our garden in the form of salads, stirfrys, and side dishes. I have been a veggie lover ever since!

I have been raising my own garden since Mike & I bought our first home in 2004. Some of my very favorite things to grow are berries (blueberries, raspberries & strawberries), melons, tomatoes and basil. Basically everything you grow in your garden tastes better than what you buy from the grocery store, but I think the favorites I’ve listed above are SO MUCH better homegrown.

My family wasn’t a typical meat-and-potatoes family. We usually ate all those veggies we grew paired with some sort of starch like pasta or rice. Once in awhile, we would have fish, steak, or chicken, but I was never a big fan of meat. Recently, I experienced a paradigm shift that completely changed the way I planned and cooked meals. I began incorporating grass fed, grass finished beef and free range pork and chicken into our regular meal rotations. Read here about our journey to eating more healthy, all-natural foods and how you can learn the art of farm to table meal planning.

I love learning and creating each day, whether that be through making new recipes, increasing my skills in gardening and chicken-keeping, learning to use herbs for better health, or becoming more efficient in stocking our pantry with wholesome ingredients. I will share everything I know with you so that you will have the skills you need to create your own healthy and happy home.